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I am extremely grateful to be working with such great Partners, I have received so much support and my success to date wouldn't have been possible without it.

There are a lot of people to thank, I am extremely proud of the value I have placed on these relationships and the life long mates I have gained along the way. I am determined to keep pushing with everything I've got for years to come and make my team proud. I am also lucky enough to have an amazingly supportive family and partner. Life's good. 


While carb-loading has been a popular approach for athletes to meet energy requirements in endurance sports, until now there has been no equivalent for hydration. After all, the human body can’t store water in reserve. However, using the unique resistant starch in PREPD, we can prime the body to be able to boost hydration and increase fluid absorption.To read more click on the link below.

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Hammer Nutrition products only use ingredients that aid or improve an athlete’s performance. There are no additives, colourings, added simple sugars, or anything harmful towards the athlete’s performance.

If you are looking for the leading proven Endurance fuel for Triathletes in the world, your search is now over. 

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The new kid on the block for the chafing crowd who are looking for another option to cover your ‘pre, during and after care’ needs. Give Gooch Goo® a crack, you won’t regret it.

Proudly Australian made & owned, reef friendly and certified cruelty free (CCF).

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Radiology SA is a privately owned, Adelaide-based radiology practice, run by radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists for the medical community.

Carbon Mafia is a dynamic brand with razor sharp focus on innovation and technology to develop superior products. They are dedicated to help riders perform beyond their highest potential. Each member of the Carbon Mafia family is extremely proud and shares a passion for this brand. Carbon Mafia ensures that products perform flawlessly in the most extreme environments, whether it’s in the unforgiving mountain passes of the Pyrenees or the blistering heat on the roads of Kona.

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Designed specifically to be enjoyed with friends post sport and exercise. 

At only 0.4% alcohol yet retaining both full Pale Ale flavour and the natural goodness of beer. 

ZERO+ is enhanced with a mix of high end electrolytes designed to ensure you are back and able to go hard again day after day. 

Ascent Footwear is a proven, innovative, Australian born and bred brand focused on providing footwear with integrity. We started with a sporting shoe heritage and have taken this technology into categories of footwear that have not previously had this type of comfort and support. 

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