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Head Coach

Steve McKenna

Steve McKenna has been passionate about, and heavily involved in, endurance sports for 18 years. From running at a national level since he was 12yo to taking up triathlon in 2015, Steve has always had experienced mentors along with an eagerness to learn and study everything endurance. 

Steve has trained under Matty White (highly experienced Professional long course triathlete), before moving across to the Australian ITU Head Coach based in Wollongong and Canberra (Australian Institute of Sport) throughout 2018. In 2019 the RPG Head Coach (Tim Reed) begun guiding Steve and it was no coincidence that Steve's results as an athlete improved out of sight since teaming up. Steve has learned from each Coach, however his most valuable mentor has been Tim Reed who's programs and knowledge fast tracked his progression in the sport of triathlon. Steve has now joined the RPG Coaching team to do the same for other athletes and strongly believes the coaching principles he has adopted can fast track anybody's progression. 

Whether your goals are big or small, you've come to the right place to learn training techniques that will help you improve rapidly and tackle your goals.

How does it work?

Online coaching through the Training Peaks application accessible to you for free and adapted to suit your busy week. 

  • Personalised weekly training programs based on individual heart rate and power zones

  • Training Peaks account - free access to track your training stress, fitness and fatigue

  • Goal setting and season planning

  • Access to Steve McKenna for advice day in, day out 

  • Multiple team discounts

What does it cost?

Triathlon coaching 1:1 with:


Steve McKenna (Head Coach) - may be at capacity so enquire via email below

Hudson Pitt (programs confirmed by Head Coach) - $80/week (contact below for more info)  **2 spots available 


Daniel McKenna (programs confirmed by Head Coach) - $80/week (contact below for more info) **2 spots available 

Running coaching Half marathon/Full marathon - $50 per week  **4 spots available 

12week programs without contact or weekly advice:

$150 one off payment (contact via email below to buy a program) 

Sprint distance

Olympic distance 

70.3 distance 

Custom team kit?

Yep... 2XU have partnered with SM ENDURANCE and a custom team kit will be available for SM athletes at a discounted rate 

Coaching with benefits:

Support and discounts with the below brands and more... 

How to apply? 

Contact Steve McKenna by email and tell him your story and goals. Limited spots available! 


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